Nov. 7 FMForum: Gifts as Public Diplomacy with Ambassador Paul Brummell

Paul Brummell is author of the new book "Diplomatic Gifts: A History in 50 Presents' London: Hurst, 2022, and a distinguished British diplomat.  Currently HM Ambassador to Latvia his formerly headed the Foreign Office Soft Power unit and served as ambassador to Turkmenistan, to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, and as High Commissioner to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.  

His book is a "lavishly illustrated history of diplomatic gifts, from the infamous Trojan Horse to the much-loved Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square." The one-hour event -- co-hosted with University of Southern California Annenberg's Center on Communication Leadership and Policy -- will examine how gifts figured on the international stage... and how some yielded unexpected results.

First Monday Forum is without charge, by invitation.  If you wish to join this Zoom teleconference please write to