Two Programs to Honor 2023 Recipients of PDCA Awards for Excellence in Public Diplomacy

Part of the Mission of PDCA is to honor achievements of Public Diplomacy practitioners and scholars. The PDCA Awards is one way we honor this part of our mission. We recently announced the awards for 2023, which you can read about here. To provide an opportunity for you to meet the recipients and ask about their work, we have organized two upcoming programs.

On June 5, you will have the opportunity to meet:   To register for the June 5 program, click here.

June 12 Program to Focus on Public Diplomacy Section at the American Embassy in Kyiv

On June 12, we will honor the Public Diplomacy Section at The Embassy in Kyiv. Serving under the most difficult and dangerous circumstances imaginable – a full-fledged land war not seen in Europe in eight decades – the Kyiv embassy’s public diplomacy section has carried out an extraordinary range of activities. Please join us to learn more.

To register for the June 12 program, click here.