Strengthening America's Dialogue with the World

The Public Diplomacy Council of America is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) association of professionals and scholars promoting excellence in the professional practice, academic study, and advocacy for public diplomacy.

Our work

  • Honors practitioners’ achievements;
  • Helps members stay in touch and keep current with issues and new developments in global communications;
  • Mentors and trains professionals in this rapidly changing field;
  • Promotes understanding of the increasingly important public dimension of statecraft and;
  • Generates support for America’s global engagement.

Latest News

Sports Diplomacy: Colombia's Initiative to Expose Vulnerable Populations to International Experiences

Join us for a webinar on Monday, March 4.

Awards for Public Diplomacy Leadership Announced

Two senior officers in the U.S. Department of State have been chosen as the first recipients of awards for Public Diplomacy leadership.

A Report on PDCA, from President Joel Fischman

PDCA Joel Fischman's letter to members recaps past achievements and plans for 2024.

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Member Views

What If Anything Can We Do About Disinformation, by Bill Wanlund

Our commentator Bill Wanlund shares thoughts from two young research scholars on the subject, which occupies so much attention in today's current affairs coverage.

Looking Back at USIA’s A Nineteenth-Century American Reader, by Donald M. Bishop

The compendium of literary classics exemplifies the U.S. Information Agency's outreach to world audiences through publishing.

A VOA Story: Thoughts on the Passing of a Major VOA Figure by Dan Robinson

Dan Robinson, a former service head and correspondent for the Voice of America, reflects on his relationship with senior correspondent Andre de Nesnera, who died recently.

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