Embassy in a Box

by Joseph d'Agostino

On April 23, 2024, United States Senator James Risch introduced S. 4202. This bill aims to create new diplomatic missions abroad. If enacted, the Department of State would establish embassies or missions on small island nations in the Caribbean and Pacific and Indian Oceans. These would be temporary missions sunsetting at 10 years. I believe this would help the U.S. increase its influence in the regions and help develop long term partners. Trade and commerce are essential and mutual agreement between nations will help economically and politically.
Persuading members of Congress to appropriate funds for infrastructure and general operations should be accessible since the embassies are temporary. Members should work in a bipartisan manner to promote funding when appropriations season comes around.
Although Congress is deeply divided, both the GOP and Democratic Party should consider this legislation. It will benefit each party and their constituents by allowing small business owners access to new products at a competitive rate that are not normally available. Members of Congress should take the next step to pass this bill.
Establishing an embassy on a small island nation creates a friendly connection between two countries. Diplomats are key to facilitating that partnership because of their experience and commitment to a peaceful relationship.