Strengthening America's Dialogue with the World

The Public Diplomacy Council of America is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) association of professionals and scholars promoting excellence in the professional practice, academic study, and advocacy for public diplomacy.

Our work

  • Honors practitioners’ achievements;
  • Helps members stay in touch and keep current with issues and new developments in global communications;
  • Mentors and trains professionals in this rapidly changing field;
  • Promotes understanding of the increasingly important public dimension of statecraft and;
  • Generates support for America’s global engagement.

Latest News

June First Monday Forum to Focus on 2024 Awards for Achievement in Public Diplomacy

The on-line program will feature the four recipients of this year's awards.

May 6 First Monday Forum: American Diplomacy’s Public Dimension

An overview of the origins and evolution of US public diplomacy, it tells the story of how innovative and rival practitioner communities — foreign service officers, cultural diplomats,...

“America’s Place in the World—Still Indispensable?”

The Santa Fe World Affairs Forum (SFWAF) 2024 Symposium “America’s Place in the World—Still Indispensable?” will take place at the Santa Fe Community College,...

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Member Views

Youth Exchanges: "The Perfect Fit" for This Volunteer, by Jon Schaffer

After his career as a civil servant, the author introduces young people from around the world to the United States.

Santa Fe Forum Reviews U.S. Place in the World, by Patricia Kushlis

“America’s Place in the World – Still Indispensable?” was the topic of the 14th annual Santa Fe World Affairs Forum.

Embassy in a Box

Joseph d'Agostino advocates for a bill in Congress to promote representation in small island nations.

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